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Joint Workshops

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WS01: IWSSD-9 (9th Int'l Workshop on Software Specification and Design)

WS02: ISORC'98 (Int'l Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time Distributed Computing)

WS03: PDSE'98 (Int'l Symp. on Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed systems)

WS04: Int'l Workshop on the Principles of Software Evolution

WS05: Int'l Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering

WS06: Int'l Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming

WS07: Software Engineering over the Internet

WS08: Engineering Hypertext for Future Information Systems

WS09: PSMT (Workshop on Precise Semantics for Software Modeling Techniques)

WS10: Workshop on Human Dimensions in Successful Software Development

WS11: IWSEE5 (Int'l Workshop on Software Engineering Education)

WS12: MSE'98 (Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering)

WS13: Int'l Workshop on Computing and Communication in the Presence of Mobility

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